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    CHADI UPS Powers up Zhaoqing City TV Station and Qingyuan City TV Station

    Time: 2015-01-19 14:14:19

    In 29th December 2014, CHADI UPS installed three phase UPS system with a capacity of 120 Kva including 128 pieces of VRMF lead acid batteries of 200 Ah for Zhaoqing City TV Station. And in the same week, CHADI UPS installed three phase UPS of 40 Kva for Qingyuan City TV Station. The uninterruptible power systems supplied and engineered by CHADI UPS are equipped with the latest Redundancy Parallel Array function which enhance the reliability to a highest stage.


    CHADI UPS is a stable supplier frequently supply and engineer UPS systems for the Radio and Television broadcasting firms. The long term serving customers are Pearl Media of Guangdong Province, Television Station of Guangzou City, Television Station of Foshan City, Nanhai Television Station of Foshan City, and other Television Stations in Taishan city, Chongqing city, Yibing city, Luzhou city and etc.